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Eco-designed formulas

Certified organic skincare, at the cutting edge of “green-tech”.

“Certified organic” products: what does that mean?

All products from the NUXE ORGANIC Range have been certified by ECOCERT, the certification body that verifies compliance with the charter (COSMEBIO or COSMOS depending on the formulas).

NUXE ORGANIC skincare even exceeds the required standards, with formulas containing an average of 99% ingredients of natural origin and an average of 52% ingredients from organic farming, in comparison with the minimum requirements of between 10 and 20% certified organic ingredients out of the total ingredients depending on the product category and charters.

Green technology achievements

Cutting-edge green technologies allow the extraction of maximum active molecules with minimal impact on the environment. They use no chemical solvents, consume less energy and generate very little polluting waste. They can be divided into 2 main categories:

- Extraction methods, used to isolate a plant's active molecules. For example cold-pressing or oIeo-eco-extraction.

- Processing methods using botanical biotechnology, which use just a small fraction of the plant and allow an infinite number of molecules to be developed in the laboratory.

Priority to active ingredients which are locally produced and from sustainable sources

For each NUXE ORGANIC skincare product, Laboratoire NUXE has selected a star botanical-origin active ingredient that provides an optimum response to the skin’s essential needs.

Each of these active ingredients has gone through a stringent selection process taking into account the plant's geographic origin, together with its harvesting conditions. To ensure consistent quality, their traceability is monitored by means of DNA testing.

We also pay particular attention to the methods and place of production of the active ingredient, as well as to the commitments made by our producers and suppliers in relation to environmental protection and biodiversity.

Made in France

Skincare formulated and produced in France.

NUXE ORGANIC skincare is formulated and produced in France, just like all other NUXE products. Special feature: this range is produced in ECOCERT-certified factories that operate according to demanding and controlled environmental standards.

These production sites adhere to a set of strict rules including the use of non-polluting production processes that are safe for health and the environment, and transparency and complete traceability over all production steps.

For the star active ingredients in this range, NUXE has also favoured local sourcing of ingredients. Examples of innovative “Made in France” active ingredients include Buckwheat, cultivated in Brittany according to organic farming methods, and Rice Oil extract, cultivated in Camargue. Flying the flag!

100% vegan skincare

Approved by The Vegan Society.

All NUXE ORGANIC skincare is vegan, in other words, formulated without ingredients or derivatives of animal origin. In compliance with European regulations, and like all other NUXE products, the formulas and ingredients are not tested on animals.

As a guarantee, all NUXE ORGANIC skincare has been approved and registered by The Vegan Society, an independent body that campaigns for a world free from human exploitation of animal species.

The products are therefore entitled to display its trusted logo, which is now regarded as the international standard for vegan products.

Eco-designed packaging

Packaging incorporating recycled and recyclable materials.

100% recyclable glass packaging

Wherever possible, we have favoured the use of glass, a material that can be recycled infinitely without altering its qualities. We have also incorporated recycled glass in our packaging: 25 to 30% in our 30 ml, 100 ml bottles and 15 ml jars, and as much as 90% in our 50 ml jars.

The use of recycled glass makes it possible to reduce the melting temperature in the furnaces: a life cycle assessment carried out on the 50 ml jar showed a reduction in our carbon footprint of -30%* in comparison with the production of a traditional glass jar. This represents a saving equivalent to 71 trips around the world or 243 return flights between Paris and New York for one passenger.

*Assessment of environmental impact according to the LCA methodology as per ISO 14040:2006, simplified.

Recyclable plastic packaging 

For certain packaging, for reasons of weight or compatibility with the formula, we have opted for recyclable plastic packaging incorporating recycled plastic from water bottles.  

For example, the Micellar Cleansing Water 200 ml is contained in a 100% recyclable plastic bottle incorporating 25% recycled plastic.

100% recyclable cardboard cartons 

For containers requiring protection, we have selected cartons made from FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, containing an optimum blend of new and recycled fibre. They are 100% recyclable.

*Assessment of environmental impact according to the LCA methodology as per ISO 14040:2006, simplified.

Recycling: over to you!

The majority of the packaging for NUXE ORGANIC skincare is recyclable: responsible recycling instructions are provided on each product information sheet.
N.B.: recycling specifications may vary depending on where you live.

NUXE pledges its support to the GoodPlanet Foundation

To support women farmers and the ecological transition.

Since January 2020, NUXE has supported the ecological and community projects of the GoodPlanet Foundation, created by the photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
This recognised public utility Foundation campaigns for respect for the environment and quality of life for populations through awareness raising and local actions.

NUXE is particularly involved in the “Women and Sustainable Agriculture” programme, a project focusing on nature and women that resonates with the company's commitments for a greener and fairer world.

In view of the essential role played by women in the ecological transition, NUXE and the GoodPlanet Foundation are supporting French women farmers to help them make their voices heard in the agricultural world.

Find out more about our commitments

Discover the NUXE BIO skincare collection

Essential Antioxidant Serum

Long-lasting anti-oxidant, preserves signs of skin’s youthfulness.

Glow Rich Moisturising Cream

Moisturises, enhances the natural radiance of normal to dry skin.

Skin Correcting Moisturising Fluid

Moisturises normal to combination skin, improves its quality.

Ultimate Night Recovery Oil

Nourishes the skin for a renewing and repairing action during the night.

Micellar Cleansing Water

Removes make-up from face and eyes; removes particles of pollution.

Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Dark Circles Reviving Eye Care

Protects, moisturises and smooths signs of fatigue in the eye contour area.

Multi-Perfecting Tinted Cream - fair skin tones

Moisturises, smooths, unifies and brightens the complexion.

Multi-Perfecting Tinted Cream - medium skin tones

Moisturises, smooths, unifies and brightens the complexion.

Radiance Detox Mask

Detoxifies, boosts skin's radiance and freshness.

Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Mask

Exfoliates, purifies, improves skin quality.

Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil

Provides intense nourishment to renew and soften dry skin.

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