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Bambi does beauty meets Aquabella®
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

Bambi does beauty
meets Aquabella®

As a blogger who focuses on the ‘less is more’ approach to beauty, skincare is always key for me. No one really enjoys hiding behind a face plastered in thick makeup. (Although my 16 year old former self may have argued that!) Mastering the art of a good skincare routine can actually be key to confidence in your own beauty. I get so many messages from followers with combination skin, and have (up until this point) struggled to give them recommendations on a range that targets their skin type.

That’s where the latest range from Nuxe comes in. The Aquabella® Range - a 3 step product line that hydrates and balances combination skin. Beyond the famed French skincare’s chic packaging, are ingredients that are backed by science. Boasting White Waterlily and Hyaluronic acid as key ingredients integral to the formula, which mattifies oily areas whilst maintaining a healthy radiant glow.

Let me give you the low down on the products...

Step 1Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel
A cleanser and light exfoliant in one. The gel lathers on the skin, removing impurities without that tight feeling. Just clean radiant skin. The naturally derived micro-beads (NO plastic!) delicately dispersed through the formula are non abrasive and subtle.

Key Features: Eliminates excess sebum and smoothes irregularities.

Step 2Essence Lotion
A step many of us don’t even think to use - essence. This skincare step is a big hit with the Korean market - and we all know they know a thing or two about a good skincare regimen! The liquid lotion hydrates the skin before any serums/moisturisers are applied. The thin consistency of the formula allows the hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeper into our skin cells.

Key Features: Moisturising, smoothing and tightening enlarged pores.

Step 3Moisturising Emulsion
Perhaps the most valuable step for combination skin. Many believe stripping their skin of any trace of moisture will help their oily areas. This is not true. Stripping the skin of moisture creates an imbalance, which causes the over production of sebum. Created with a ‘natural blur complex’ the light emulsion smoothes the skin’s texture, mattifying oily areas whilst hydrating and maintaining a radiant complexion.

Key Features: Mattifies, smoothes, reveals radiance.

What’s it made of?

White waterlily, helps to moisturise AND purify, in addition, it gives the products that light and fresh fragrance - and is probably the reason I keep reaching for the purifying gel every morning as it is just SO refreshing. Hyaluronic acid is a power ingredient when it comes to hydration. Gone are the days when we believed slapping a heavy handed amount of thick cream meant more moisture. This acid can be added to the thinnest of formulas to penetrate the epidermis on a much deeper level, giving skin that plump and supple feel.

Another technology to the Aquabella® range is the ‘Natural Blur Complex’. Many of us reach for a primer in the search for skin that is smoothed/blurred in order to conceal pigmentation or skin irregularities. Nuxe have created this ‘Natural Blur Complex’ and applied it directly to the Aquabella range. Which means one less makeup product to have to apply in the morning! The blur complex is created with Oat Sugars, Green Lentil Extract and Nasturtium Extract. Along with Sillicia Powder to mattify. These ingredients work in synergy together to mattify the oily areas of the skin whilst keeping it oxygenated and looking fresh and radiant.

Is it for me?

If you suffer from combination skin, you’ll know how difficult it is to finesse your skincare routine to ensure your skin stays balanced. Often people with combination skin complain that their skin is initially dry and tight in the morning but by the end of the day is uncontrollably oil. The Aquabella® range is designed to calm and soothe those extremes. I’d also mention that the range is so beautiful to use that it doesn’t discriminate - I have normal/dry skin and I use the gel cleanser daily - which leaves me instantly more radiant in the morning (also great for that second cleanse).


Why I love it?

The 3 step routine makes it incredibly simple to combat combination skin. You can use each of these products daily, they are non comedogenic (i.e won’t make you breakout!) and incredibly soothing and non-irritating which is also ideal for sensitive skin. Nuxe - our skin thanks you!



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