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5 powerful anti-ageing ingredients
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

5 powerful anti-ageing ingredients

Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots are all serious nuisances that everyone faces as they start to age, so it’s only natural to want to turn to anti-ageing creams to prevent and lessen their appearance.

Our planet is a bounty of powerful ingredients and here at NUXE, we’ve long-relied on the gifts of nature to nourish and nurture the health of our skin. Discover 5 of the extraordinary ingredients that we use within our NUXE anti-ageing formulas. 




Vitamin E

This powerful vitamin exists naturally within the skin, but giving yourself a surplus hugely helps to fight the causes of early-ageing. Vitamin E is an incredible antioxidant, and helps to neutralise the effects of free radicals. Free radicals, caused by the effects of pollution, damage the skin’s DNA which results in the formation of lines and brown spots. However this process of protection seriously depletes the stores of this vital vitamin which is why it’s important to keep your skin topped up. And it’s anti-ageing properties don’t stop there, Vitamin E helps to provide intense moisturisation of the skin and even boosts collagen production,  preventing and lessening the appearance of wrinkles.

Due to its plethora of benefits we’ve packed plenty of it into our cult dry oil Huile Prodigieuse®.  


Passion Flower 

A remarkable and colourful natural beauty, Passion Flower is the key ingredient used for our anti-ageing Nuxellence® Range to reveal the skin’s youth.

Organically sourced in the landes region in France, it has magical properties that help to soothe tension and restore sleep. Nuxe has discovered Passionflower's ability to help skin cells to recover an optimal energy level. This helps dull and tired skin to give way to new, glowing and younger-looking skin. Try our Nuxellence® anti-ageing serums to reap its sensational rewards.



Meaning ‘day-long beauty’, which unfurls during the day and closes up at night, Daylily is a transformative red beauty with exceptional abilities to firm the skin and restore lost radiance.

To obtain the exceptional natural benefits of Daylily for our Merveillance® Expert anti-ageing creams, we use a natural solvent-free extraction procedure called oleo-eco-extraction. The end result is a concentrate of 12, active molecules including flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids which work together to offer serious anti-wrinkle properties. Daylily Oleoactif improves the skin’s firmness by targeting the 3 key proteins for youthful-looking skin, collagen, elastic and vimentin. That’s a whole lot of anti-ageing power. 


Bougainvillea and Saffron flowers

Although this small thorny vine with tiny white flowers from Brazil, is primarily used as an ornamental plant - here at NUXE we’ve discovered that its benefits are far from superficial. Bougainvillea plant cells, obtained through biotechnological processes are rich in a whopping 21 amino acids, 14 fatty acids, 6 vitamins and 9 trace elements. The result is an incredibly powerful anti-ageing ingredient which not only melts into the skin but promotes advanced cell proliferation within the epidermis. This complex concentration helps to fill out deep lines and completely rejuvenate the skin. 

Our advanced Research and Development Lab at NUXE have even taken Bougainvillea’s anti-ageing benefits one step further by combining it with Saffron Flower molecules to create Bi-Floral Cells. Sounds like sorcery, and it might as well be; these Bi-Floral cells have an unparalleled ability to enable creation of major cells within the dermis. They’re the vital ingredient in our anti-ageing Nuxuriance® Ultra range which regenerates and replumps very mature skin. 

The Saffron flower, the sister ingredient to our advanced Bi-floral cells, provides the world’s most expensive and coveted spice and has been used for centuries due to its remarkable medicinal and calming benefits. But its health-boosting properties don’t stop there, its petals are incredibly rich in polyphenols, an extraordinary wrinkle-eliminating antioxidant. These polyphenols help to counteract oxidative stress, inflammation and UV radiation which all hugely contribute to ageing of the skin.

The extract from saffron flower also has huge skin regenerating properties, improving the texture and appearance of lines and wrinkles. We maximise the efficacy of Saffron Flowers by encapsulating this ingredient with Bougainvillea within these Bi-Floral cells.


Experience the benefits of these exceptional ingredients by exploring NUXE’s anti-ageing ranges here. 

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